The Collectors


Written, directed and edited by: Thaïs Breton

Cinematography by: Thaïs Breton

Second cameras: Jolinna Ang, Russell Morton, Wenxian Lee, Zhong Wei, Roddie Chua

Produced by: Vannesa Sim Liqing

Sound Design by: Louis Quek

Poster Design by: Kiat

Featuring: Richard Ashworth, John Ashworth, Judy Tan, Steven Chua, Cham Kam York, Lamin Koko, Katherine Chua

With support from the Alzheimer’s Disease Association, Singapore.

A short poetic documentary on the relationship between victims of the Alzheimer’s disease and their children, put in parallel with an observation on the necessity, yet ephemerality of physicality in memory.



The Collectors explores the relationship between three individuals affected by the disease of Alzheimer’s and their children, caught in a race to gather as many memories as they can before it is too late. Their stories echo on the stones of the rare places left in Singapore to be imprinted with a past. A parallel is formed between an individual fright of memories loss, and a collective amnesia provoked by a local race to thrive in modernity.

Director’s statement


“I have always been a frenetic collector of memories; my own, as much as strangers’/ There is an unexplainable pleasure in acquiring someone else’s little treasures by accident, unique doors to fragments of their lives. With most of the remembrance coming from stories we were told growing up, individuals are partly constituted by transcendental memories, and to witness parents fade through dementia also deprives them from the validation of previously acquired memories. In The Collectors, the solution is then to collect, gather, and archive physical spaces and objects to conserve memories and reactivate the remembrance, crucial filter of our existence.”



10:55 MIN

HD 16:9


25 FPS





A Puttnam School of Film Production ©MMXIV LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore